Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to make webcam work in Linux mint?

Linux mint is a out of box distro.It is developed from Ubuntu,although its very out of box and one of the best disto for new Linux users to try out it has some minor problem to be fixed .One of them is that the Webcams  don't work out of the box in Linux  mint.If yours doesn't work here is the trick.

  • Do "alt+f2 ",now you can see a small rectangular window in the middle of your screen. 

  • Type "gstreamer-properties" in the space provided and click on run.

  • Go to the video tab and test the default input.Now your webcam will spring to action,that means now your webcam will work.
  • Install cheese by typing "sudo apt-get install cheese " in terminal.
  • Start cheese.
  • Take photos with your webcam .
Hope our readers have done this successfully.... Have any doubts??? please free to comment down. We are happy to help..